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Please click on the link below to register for the 2014 WDCSITE Washington DC Area Bike Tour. Could Hillary actually have lost the election for other reasons? I, Grandpa T, am going to attempt to talk you down from your precipice of despair. In 1992, the United States elected a POTUS named William Jefferson Clinton. He received an overwhelming amount of female votes because of his appeal over his competitors. Yes, Bill decided to take up with a White House intern, and their affair became public. Frankly, I am concerned about the psychological condition of the the Hillary Clinton supporters that have now found out that the Russians did not assist Donald Trump on the way to the presidency. Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996) And, as later proved, he had the morality of a snake. Double up the manpower on the ‘Clinton Suicide Prevention’ hotline!

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I must interject at this point, that in my entire business career, if someone has deplorable morals regarding their personal lives, they very often have these same morals with their business life. Because of book deals and exorbitant speech fees, the Clintons’ made a quick financial recovery. This foundation is headquartered in New York City, but any donations funded to the organization go through Canada. Now the presidential election of the fall of 2008 rolls around, and Hillary believes that she is finally going to get her shot at becoming POTUS.

Page lays down some clav funk but again it is Mike who shines during this short solo jam section. The lead in is solid and features a pretty damn good drop! Things are a bit disjointed for a while as the band searches for a direction.

That direction comes from Cactus starting at the mark. It has been quite some time since the last Gordon-led “Ghost,” and is it ever refreshing!

His position is much more balanced between leading and supporting.

Using the Cactus Energy (-) Gordon starts to lay down the motor boat bass line at before laying down full (The paragraph above is laced with sexual innuendos.

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