Vb net row validating

Figure 5: Getting log-in successfully using the ID and Password which we saved in database In the webpage, first of we create a connection between PHP and My SQL.

And then we used SELECT query to select two things from the database, which is user Name and Pass.

Figure 3: Sign-in webpage after applying CSS Style (linking the webpage) As you can see the change on the webpage after linking the webpage.

And we used some good colors on tags to create it more attractive.

One we used for the body, we identified it by the body-color name, and we applied CSS styles on it.

In the next one, we used for the div tag and we identified it by Sign-In in the CSS styles webpage.

First of all we need to design the Sign-In webpage. There is username and password form boxes and a button to sign in to the profile page of user.

I’ll illustrate these special ranges using this simple pivot table, which comes from an example formerly available on the Microsoft web site (I can no longer locate it).

But for these kind of webpages we need to use form validation on our webpages, if anyone use Java Script so it’s well and good because Java Script is a very good technique to use and solve Form Validation problems.

As I told you that it’s an easy way to use Inline Style.

We can use it from the external file by giving an ID name for the fieldset tag.

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