Unspoken rules of dating

Whether it’s food or film, Londoners are used to having a lot of choice.

Make sure you involve your date in making decisions about what you do.

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Don't make someone sorry they did something nice for you. " to "You know you have a giant pimple on your chin? And you pointing it out does not help them feel any better about it.

This is especially important if your friend is the only person you know with a car, or you are the only person you know who DOESN' T have a car.

Either way, this car-driving person is a VIP in your life, and you don't want to be on their bad side.

With a population of more than eight million, competition is fierce, the pace of life is rapid and romance is rarely a priority.

Here are the 10 unwritten rules that govern dating culture in the capital most expensive city to live in.

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