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Without its organizers, 16" softball would never have gained the heights of popularity that it now enjoys.With his colorful antics and legendary methods of recruiting and retaining players, Braasch must rank as one of the top organizers of all time.One time he gave a player a repossessed 21- inch TV - stereo combination and .00 a game.Lou Lielinski, a top short-center of his era received a German shepherd puppy.

That year, he also began umpiring at ASA regional, sectional, and national competitions.He then ordered 37 softball shirts, one for each saloon. During the season Braasch would have players stop off and patronize the tavern by having a few beers.At the end of the season whether he won or lost, each owner would receive a championship trophy.He started umpiring in church, school, and park district leagues around the West and Southwest suburbs of Chicago.Little did he know that from these humble beginnings he would go on to umpire over five thousand softball games, many at softball’s highest levels.

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