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Bones of domesticated dogs have been discovered dating to the fifth millennium BC in Egypt, and we find the first representation of domesticated dogs on the Moscow cup from the Badarian age (4000-4500 BC).

We begin to find natural representations of dogs with collars on the Asmolean Palette and the Hunting Palette.

Race anglaise ayant plus de 200 ans, le bull terrier du Staffordshire peut tenir ses Origines des anciens molosses qui se présentaient sous deux types.

Le plus petit des deux est un ancêtre de l’ancien bouledogue anglais, lequel a été croisé avec un ou plusieurs terriers pour obtenir la race connue sous le nom de bull et terrier.

However, these pictures show resemblance to basenji, saluki, greyhounds, mastiffs others.These palettes date from the predynastic era during the Naqada II (3500-3000 BC).But we find many more domesticated dogs in murals starting in the Old Kingdom.This, coupled with his affection for friends and children in particular, makes him a wonderful family pet.Some may retain an antipathy toward other dogs, but generally speaking, the Staffie is an all-purpose dog.

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