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I made the actual length of the eyelash strip shorter, so the straightness wasn’t as noticeable, and by trimming off the longest lashes, the lashes are more natural looking now. Who doesn’t want to feel pretty while sifting through piles of Oak filled with potato bugs and spiders?

Not natural looking you understand; natural looking than they were. Also found a dead mouse On the left we have the eye with the magnetic eyelashes, and on the right the bald eyeball. They’re subtle enough that you could wear them to the grocery store.

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A broad range of souvenirs and ornamental products are produced from the stone."I'd be exhausted from throwing my soul onto magnetic tape. So I'd be walking home through the forest (the recoding was done in upstate New York), kind of drunk, and the stars and the moon would be out, and when the whisky fumes would waft apart, I'd say, "I can't believe this is real!' It just seemed like something for this way more colourful version of myself." Her own life's a rock 'n' roll fairy tale right now.Once worked for lead and zinc in the mid 1800s, this mine is now open to the public.Situated just west of Oughterard in County Galway, the mine was opened to the public in 1999 after it was rescued from flooding. You can see some remaining surface features such as a leat, which runs for about two miles.

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