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Ride the Pokémon Go wave before it crashes because it will -- unless Nintendo comes up with a way to seriously capitalize on the fad.

The game developer is Niantic, and the publisher is The Pokémon Company.

But Nintendo does, and it owns 30 percent of The Pokémon Company. It's true to say Pokémon Go created a vacuum of excitement for Nintendo gear which is creating the illusion that its products are worth more.

So in that sense, there's never been a better time to sell your old Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Game Cube or any other Nintendo consoles you have lying around.

Wild coach Bruce Boudreau, who considered benching Dumba after his play in the 2-1 loss to Winnipeg on Tuesday, said what impressed him about the player’s quick comeback in the 6-3 victory over Montreal on Thursday was Dumba’s obvious preparation and ability to not overcomplicate. Routines is a good example of that and the mind-set you have,” Robinson said.

“Players like Matt are fiercely competitive, which makes them so good. He cares, and sometimes it’s easy to care too much and try too hard.

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