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Your puppy needs a diet high in fat, protein, and calories to grow into a healthy adult.

When he reaches adulthood, he will require a different level of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Mix in increasing amounts of the new adult food and reduce the amount of puppy food in his daily portions.

This gradual change will make it easier for him to get used to the taste and consistency, and avoid the possibility of an upset tummy.

But by the time he turns one year old, he will have grown by leaps and bounds and, for the most part, will be considered an adult. Larger dog breeds often don’t reach full physical and emotional development until they’re closer to two years of age.

Regardless, other dogs may begin treating them as adults, becoming less tolerant of their puppy-like behavior.

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Some owners think they can switch their large-breed puppy to an adult dog food too early (for example, when he is six to eight months old) to limit caloric intake.

At this point in his development, your puppy is still undergoing rapid growth.

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