Leo woman dating aquarius man sepher ha razim online dating

He doesn't like other people telling him what to do, and so will tend towards having his own business.

He is basically a Monarchist, or, more correctly, "The Monarch".

We have to note that Leo and Aquarius are complementary Signs on opposite sides of a Birth Chart.

What happens then is that one attracts weaker people who will take instructions and flatter the ego.

Apart from that, things can be a lot more complicated depending on the contents of your separate Birth Charts, which contain 10 planets.

Just think of how many possible variations that can give. If you are under 30 years of age your relationship will be Moon Sign based, rather than Sun Sign based - so could last a long time at that level.

She loves to decorate her house with exclusive home décor items.

So no doubt, after marriage the Aquarian will end up spending his life in a classy house with a sophisticated and well-dressed lady. So both of them will have a wonderful time shopping together!

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