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The numbers thereafter are in sequence within these lettered sets.

Pictures Roma Olimpiade, green, 58 cm Falck tubing, Gran Sport components, hub locknuts & Brooks saddle dated 1960. Magistroni for Legnano cranks stamped 60 on the backside of the right arm.

(The first owner was Paul Marashian of Fresno, who won it in 1961 His name is engraved on the chromed fork blades.) 58cm. Campagnolo Sport 1006/A hubs stamped Legnano, locknut stamped 60. Campy Nuovo Record w/ Universal cp brakes Full aluminum fenders painted and trimmed to match.

Condorino handlebars w brake levers stamped Legnano. stamped vertically on the right side of the seat lug.

Has 4mm Campagnolo rear dropouts, early type Campag front fork ends, original paint (most of the green flaked off.) with 3 pin crank set branded Legnano, fluted cast steel with 'C' stamped on the back of both cranks, and on the Bottom Bracket axle.

By the 1970s there is a new system with only numbers.

However it is increasingly difficult to come across a Legnano that is completely unchanged from the day it rolled off the assembly line.

Legnano was also the last of the three brands to be acquired by Emilio Bozzi, originally founded by Vittorio Rossi in 1902.Nevertheless much of the equipment was the same and it was a very respectable racing bicycle.I receive many requests from readers asking to date the production year of their Legnano and I am happy to help with as much information as possible.Christmas came, and the little guy was almost peeing in his pants as he opened a square package smelling of neats foot oil, the stuff they put on baseball gloves. Owner: Richard Hoddinott Notes: The date is an estimate, likely accurate within a year or two.

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