Cybersex chat robot

When Elliot is on screen we hear his narration and he addresses us directly and often.He refers to us as his imaginary friend and we are privy to his innermost thoughts. This is the world that Elliot keeps private – his thoughts – and when he addresses us we not only hear his narration but also get a reminder of this private world.

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Later that episode, we see her in bed masturbating.

She appears to be using an IRC chat room to have cyber sex. She asks her Amazon Echo when the end of the world is.

Outside her apartment, Agent Di Pierro is confident, capable, and a little sassy.

Privately, this information would embarrass her, undermine her, and make her weak.

She might even lose her job if the information was shown in the right presentation. Since Agent Di Pierro is the one hunting Elliot, his ability to find out this private information makes her vulnerable.

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