Bugs bites and parasites online dating

Out of the dozens of parasites that can make our lives miserable, a few hold a special place in our imaginations.

These are the creepy crawlies that latch onto -- or burrow into -- our skin.

You might notice some well-known parasites didn't make our list.

For example, the guinea worm isn't here, despite the fact that it travels through the flesh, eventually exiting out of an extremity.

When the insect bites a human it also generally defecates close by.

But in other regions, they present a very real threat to human health and survival.

In most cases, the parasite moves back into the vector's salivary glands in order to be transmitted to the human host when the insect bites again to take another blood meal.

Morbidity among infected people is therefore associated with the degree of exposure of the subject to insect vector bites.

Recent cases of triatominae bug bites in Texas have health officials looking at how this tropical bug is spreading in the United States.

Typically, these bloodsucking insects known as kissing bugs, which are more commonly found in South America and Mexico, will attack wild animals and not humans.

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