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Forced to surrender Johnny to authorities, she eventually became an impoverished and destitute prostitute.However, she was able to return to Paris, and revived her stage career at a cabaret.This film was the most outlandish of the Dietrich/von Sternberg pictures, and a prime example of a film's script that was forced to be revised three times before production because of its alleged 'ridicule' of the sanctity of marriage.It was one of the weakest Dietrich/von Sternberg movies with its less than credible plot - bouncing its star back and forth from hedonistic stardom, to promiscuousness to domesticity.He had wanted to support her while working at a job in Chicago earning 'only' ,000, while she wanted a three month honeymoon in Monte Carlo, followed by a life of luxury in a Park Avenue mansion.She scoffed at him, and they broke their engagement.When the Depression era hit soon after, they both became impoverished - now equals.Faced with the prospect of sharing a life of poverty with Bill, she still refused to marry him.

She fled on a train with young Johnny to the Southern US where she was pursued by a private detective (Sidney Toler) for much of the picture.

This censor-baiting segment was censored for its depiction of the tool-wielding dentist (Fields) violating and mounting his prone female patient (regular Fields foil Elise Cavanna) in his dentist's chair.

As he assaulted her, she wrapped her long, stockinged legs around his back.

The film was profitable due to beautiful Mexican actress Dolores Del Rio starring as Luana - an alluring native princess, the chief's alluring daughter.

She was fated to be cast in the flaming, destructive volcano to appease the gods, in the film's conclusion.

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