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Response keys: For 4 directions (tumbling E or Landolt set to “4 choices” in. Your feedback is welcome and has frequently lead to improvements and extensions.

Fr ACT was employed in well over 200 papers (“Who used Fr ACT” below).

There is a built-in help file, and a detailed discussion of the various settings here: “Fr ACT3_Manual.pdf”.

Optometry & Vision Sci -53” [PDF], more background on acuity testing can be found in this German paper.For the Contrast Test, you also need to go to “SETTINGSLuminance Linearisation” to linearise luminance (“gamma correction”) before testing.But see below for a cautionary note on the difficulties of contrast testing.Graefe’s Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 25–971 [DOI] [→PDF] Enter the width of the calibration bar & the observation distance in the “SETTINGS” interface.Be sure to have enough distance from the screen, so pixel resolution does not limit acuity.

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